Six photos that made us smile (and a couple of extras)

In no particular order, and apologies that I've posted some on FB already

1) This hat is the business.

Beautiful, warm, stylish, this is THE hat in all the 2017-2018 winter season collections in Nyaungshwe. And when you are indoors, it doubles as the ultimate device to keep your teapot hot. To my infinite regret I gave it away as a Christmas gift, but not before taking it for a spin - and meeting up with some other trendy hatsters. 

Seven hat 2.JPG
hats 2.JPG

2) Not a tragic road accident

But the juxtaposition of a sleeping dog - in the middle of the road, where else would a Burmese dog sleep (see second photo below) - and a hearty gob of kwun ya, or chewed betel nut.

seven not a road crash.JPG

3) We spent a while watching this wedding photo shoot. What a palaver! There was a cast of about seven people, what with dressers and lighting and camera crew - oh and the couple themselves. The bride- and groom-to-be were only just on speaking terms by the end. 

seven wedding.JPG

4) Surely this isn't really the Ministry of Commerce/Department of Consumer Affairs  building? Or maybe it is...

5) I just loved this pig-puppy partnership in Mandalay. The puppy climbed up and the pig iddn't even wake up

seven pig.JPG

6) Burmese pagoda dress code. I'd never heard of a spaghetti blouse, but apparently it's a real thing, and not just in Myanmar.