Nikki is Out of the Office

As some people may know, Geoff, Sam and I are heading off for our middle-aged (apart from Sam) OE for the next nine months. Exciting and a bit scary. Cuba, Greece and Myanmar are the main destinations, with a few extended stopovers (Chile, Peru, London) just because the flights went there - so why not?

A couple of people suggested a travel blog, which seems a good way to gather my thoughts about what we are doing, and let anyone interested (my dad? possibly even our older children?) know where we are. 

Blogging may be a frustrating enterprise in Cuba, where internet seems to be limited to a few parks and squares with slow, expensive, unreliable Wi-Fi. I picture myself perched on a bench in Havana in the dark, holding a mojito (depending on their liquor laws) and surrounded by Cubans dealing with the sort of internet we used to have here before fibre. Given that I spend a reasonable percentage of my time writing about UFB, the irony is not lost on me. 

I will still be doing some work during my travels - have to keep us in mojitos, after all. So any lovely clients reading this, please let me know anything you need. The fabulous Elly Strang from Idealog will be helping out at Good Content with work that needs someone on the ground.

We leave on April 18. Have a couple of things to do before then. Adios!

- Nikki