Two random dumb things about driving in Greece

  1. Wearing a seat belt is compulsory by law, but plenty of people, particularly tough Greek men, don't bother. In fact I suspect following the road code is seen as a sign of weakness. (I heard that includes taking your driving test, but can't verify that!) One driver on a particularly perilous mountain road proudly pointed out he had this devise which plugged into the seat belt slot and fooled the car into thinking he had his seat belt fastened, when he didn't. That avoided the annoyance of his car making buckle-up-you-stupid-bastard beeping noises. Cunning, if you don't care about ending up dead.
  2. A pastime for people in the Deep Mani appears to be taking potshots at road signs. In some areas there's hardly a sign not peppered with bullet holes. Apparently it's a problem in Crete too - another place with a warrior heritage. (I didn't take any photos, foolishly, so the one in this blog is from Crete and used with thanks to