Nikki mandow


More than 25 years ago I left university with a language honours degree, decided not to take up a place at medical school, and became a business journalist in London.

Since then, business writing has taken me around Europe, to Asia (including a year as Business Editor at the Vietnam Investment Review in Hanoi), to North Africa and Australia - but principally to New Zealand.

I started at the National Business Review, had senior roles at The Independent Business Weekly, and edited Unlimited and, most recently, Idealog. I’ve worked at Radio New Zealand, and taught for five years on the journalism programme at AUT University, where I also completed an MPhil in journalism.

I love writing and editing and, after all these years, am still fascinated by business and innovation. I’m a stickler for accuracy and a dab hand with a red pen. I get huge satisfaction from teaching writing and storytelling skills. I enjoying getting involved in video, web and social media projects, but reckon there’s still plenty of life in magazines and the printed word.

021 174 3142


    Business writing and editing

    High-level content development

    Magazine and website publishing and editing

    Video case study research and coordination

    Award entries and nominations

    Corporate and NGO writing and storytelling workshops

    Business writing mentoring

    Blog and case study writing

    Ghostwriting business columns and thought leadership for media

    Managed privacy and Official Information Act response

    Editing and proofreading



2014-2015: Idealog, under my editorship, wins or is a finalist in MPA best business magazine and best editor awards for 2 years’ running. Also wins for best cover, best designer.

When I was editor of Unlimited, the magazine won numerous magazine awards, both for editorial and design

2014: I completed a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Journalism. AUT. First class honours

2011-2012 Completed journalism teaching and research qualifications, AUT




Away from work, Gilbert and Nikki are friends and good neighbours. Our respective families have been active in our school communities, given a hand to refugees and been involved in projects like walking buses, street parties and community histories. We read lots, travel whenever we can, and go to theatre and movies.

Life is busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.